McDonalds Jobs For 17 Year Olds

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If you are telling yourself  “I need a job fast!”, you are not alone. Many people are looking for fast food jobs, so you will not be alone.  When you find yourself looking into some of these job hunting websites and getting no results, time and time again I know it can become frustrating. That is why today I offer you a great start in order to search for your job. If you are seeking a McDonald’s job then search for the job right here. Search for a McDonald’s position @ Job.Com!

The first stop for most people interested in a job with McDonalds should be online. But you have to make every attempt to promptly follow up with a store near you and make sure that you can make contact with a manager or supervisor that has the ability to help you get hired. This sequence can help you land your job, after the application process is complete.

Jobs Near Me

Your goal is to find jobs online. Job hunting websites can help for the most part, but you have to realize that most of these larger companies have all gone to their internal job application processing. So unless you search for a job that is a career changing, or modifying position, you really can take both routes but will have greater success with the specific company online job application on their main web site page.

Some of the coolest jobs for 17 year old’s are those of fast food restaurants. It is usually a job that makes all of the employees interact with each in a positive light, they also have a genuine good time. These jobs are not easy for the supervisors though because some of the negative interaction between employees can sometimes come due to the fact that at the age of 16, 17 even 18 most of these teenagers think that they are all grown up. They believe that there is nothing that anyone there can teach or tell them. They are mistaken, and there is nothing more beautiful than to be humble and respectful, you will learn so much and guess what, you will show the McDonalds company that you have what it takes to one day be the manager of a store. Don’t laugh, most of the managers holding down a McDonalds job started out just like you, with a crew member position. Now go and get yours. Search for a McDonalds job today @ Job.Com!

McDonalds Apply Online Today

The McDonalds Online Application

The Summer is upon us and the part-time and full time positions will increase within the next month or so, as companies everywhere begin to prepare for the Summer vacation rush. There will be many teenagers applying for a job as well as  many people who have no choice but work two jobs, I fell into that category for a while a few years ago. Of course many of people that end up working more than one job, the main reason becomes low income and the need for more money, no one does this for pleasure. But on some occasions, teens will go out and get a Summer job and perhaps their parents will not need that second job. The McDonalds application is part of one of the easiest process when searching for employment. That is what I am here today to speak about.

The McDonalds Application

Because most people usually go on a vacation at some time during the Summer months of June, July and August fast food restaurant provide them a quick meal on the go, and leaves more time for the beach, movies, sight seeing, and other parts of our travels. Making any fast food restaurant a great start for anyone seeking a job. Why the McDonalds application? Well for the most part this is one of those jobs that is easy to obtain, and for the most part many of these jobs are acquired by word of mouth. Friends helping out friends and recommending someone for an opening. But in case that is not your situation, rest assured that there are many different ways to apply for this job. First you can use the McDonalds application online to get your job, or the conventional way which is to walk up to a store near you and strike up a conversation with a manager as the best way for you to get hired. Just use good judgement, and don’t attempt this during their lunch rush time.

Jobs For 16 Year Olds

If a teenager is good at using the Internet and computers they should be able to fill out many similar online job applications fairly simple. I do not know many 16 or 17 year old teenagers that are not Internet savvy. This should give them the edge over many people that do not know how to use a smart phone or the web to their advantage when seeking employment. A teenager applying for the McDonalds job should be able to also knock out one for much of the competition in the fast food arena. For instance, the following companies all have both online job application links and allow people to apply in person. Wendy’s, Burger King, Checkers, Taco Bell, and 5 Guys, just to name a few. In fact many of these companies, I have witnessed myself not only issue an application in person, but also wait for the person to fill it out, and then conduct an interview right in the store while the store is in its down time. This is something that happens with frequency so expect it if you go in person and try to obtain a job from a fast food restaurant.

Free McDonalds Application

Job applications are free to everyone who needs one, the McDonalds application is no different.  No one should be paying any service for the right to apply for a job using online application which are all free.  All you need is the Internet, and ability to fill out an application for employment. Even if you do not have the Internet, some establishments offer their own computer terminals right in their place of business.  Apply for free today!

Incredibly during this past year the McDonalds corporation was single handily responsible for 75% of the growth during the months of April and May something that the economy was able to sustain but it is unfortunate that more companies did not step up to the plate.  350,000 jobs were originally announced and although that number was not reached they are going to make another end of the year run to try and fulfill the quota of jobs. Additionally they will make a big push for the following year as well. Something that we can all be looking forward to.

Free job applications like that of McDonalds are available on the respective home pages for most of the companies that you can think of applying for a job with.  Regardless you should do  your homework and make a list of the places that you expect to file a job application with, be orderly and you will find success, no doubt.  If I were competing with the many unemployed people out there, I would be as organized as possible.  Take notes, and have a plan when applying for a job with McDonalds or any other company.

What are some of the companies that will be hiring for the holidays?

  • McDonads
  • Burger King
  • Best Buy
  • Kohls
  • K-Mart super stores
  • Sears retail stores
  • Target Super centers
  • Walmart super-stores
  • Game Stop
  • Winn Dixie
  • Publix Supermarkets
  • Kroger’s Super stores

As you can see not all of these stores are fast food restaurants, so in determining which plan of action you will use, you will have to break up your employment searches into different areas of employment.  Some of these can be fast food restaurants, retail stores, hobby stores, pet stores, and perhaps even some professional offices that hire temps or part-time positions for delivery, copy room, mail room, stock personnel, front end helpers in supermarkets and a host of other positions.

McDonalds Job Application Form

Once again this year marked the largest push for the McDonalds job application form in recent years. The year is not over yet and the time is now to apply for the McDonalds job, which happens to be the number one fast food application that people fill out all over the world.  I can tell you with great certainty that the opportunity for you to land this job before the holiday season is right now.  To get this job or any similar fast food jobs, do not waste another minute and search for a retail or fast food job @ Job.Com!

Over 350,000 jobs will be processed by this hamburger giant this year alone with most of the big push coming in April 2011.  There was a three day job hunting marathon in which people were not turned away for an opportunity to apply for the McDonald’s job.  The application process was mostly completed online, but many applicants that did not have access to the Internet were allowed to make long lines at the physical stores to apply for a job at a McDonald’s near them.  Many of these people that were hired were offered the entry level minimum wage position, but there were also many people that were employed and prepped for the managerial jobs.  College students that find road blocks as they aspire to get positions in the business world, find themselves turning to fast food jobs and attempting to move up the chain of the corporate ladder in these types of jobs.  Times are tough and although the unemployment rate is hovering around 9%, there will still be opportunities for these types of jobs.

What are the best fast food job application forms for me?

Only you will be able to determine which of these companies is right for you, but you have to be able to think that all of these jobs will offer you similar perks and pay.  All of these jobs will also be similar in nature, and most of these jobs will offer you entry level minimum wage positions.  If you cannot determine which fast food job you want here is a list of fast food jobs that are offering positions for entry level jobs.  In my opinion, I would apply for all of them and that way you improve your chances to get a job between now September 2011 and the end of the year.  Fill out an online job application form today, do not delay.  Here is a list of similar jobs with no specific order.

  • The McDonald’s job application form
  • The Wendy’s job application form
  • The Burger King job application form
  • The Checker’s job application form
  • The KFC job application form